5 Rules for Hiring a Contractor

Knowing How to Properly Enter a Contract and setting up a healthy work relationship is the key to a successful renovation! Learn from the pro How to Sign the Bottom Line with Confidence. Cheers!

Installing a DIY Water Sprinkler System In a Few Simple Steps

A DIY installation of water sprinkler would cost you significantly lower without seeking professional help. It also makes sense as the modern day DIY kits are extremely easy to assemble and install. Start by purchasing one and take the following steps to get the task done.

How to Do Inkjet Transfer Crafts

Inkjet transfers are not only for clothes, but also for some DIY crafts. You can print the transfers on the textured linen invitation cards for parties, important events and some notification papers.The Inkjet Transfer Printing can ignite your creative spark and spur you to print out of the box.This article will talk about three orientations on the crafts: wood prints, rustic photo effect and mix medium collage.

How To Stay Safe During DIY Roof Repair

Taking matters into your own hands and tackling your own roof repair is great, but it’s important to stay safe while you do so. Continue reading for tips on how to do just that.

Five Ways to Repurpose Parts From Used Cars

If you’re trying to figure out what to do with your parts from used cars, look no further. Here are five simple, creative ways to make them into something new.

Tiki Statue Enhancements: How to Decorate Your Tiki

Having bought or made your own tiki, this article will describe how to add detail and enhance your statue. With a few simple techniques, you will be able to make a good looking tiki statue really exceptional.

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