6 Ways to Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring | Beginners Guide

How to cut vinyl plank flooring as a beginner, a complete guide to the best tools and tips.
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Installing vinyl plank flooring as a beginner can be overwhelming, but learning how to cut vinyl plank flooring the right way will help you avoid beginner mistakes. You can get a great vinyl floor install with these tips and tricks and your new flooring project will make your bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom look great!

00:00 The 6 Cuts You’ll Need
0:24 1: Cutting to Length the MOST USED CUT
2:57 Best Tool to Cut to Length
4:22 2: Cutting to Width to START YOUR INSTALL
6:30 3: Cutting Corner Notches for CABINETS
8:23 4: Cutting Side Notches for CLOSETS
11:44 5: Cutting Curves with a COOL TOOL
14:41 6: Cutting Holes for AIR VENTS or PIPES
16:51 One Tool to Do It All

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