Art Tour With Bonnie | House 11

It’s true that shops are closing and weddings postponed …. but as Danielle Cross says, ART IS NOT CANCELLED! In fact, more than ever we are turning to the arts to provide us with comfort at home – be it music, movies, books and artwork. But considering you can’t visit any art galleries at the moment we want to take you on a virtual tour of our latest project #house11 and all the wall art in that home. Bonnie will be your tour guide x

Preventing Water Damage in the Home

Water damage in the home can start from trivial sources, which could have been easily averted. Preventing water damage in the home is important to prevent structural problems later on, such as rotten floorboards, weakened roofs, damage to furniture and other possessions, and possibly even molding. These problems with water damage can be avoided if we look at the possible culprits and sources of water damage in the home.

The New Age Portable Cabins Serve a Variety of Purposes Effectively

As the name suggests, portable cabins are conveniently transferable, multipurpose, highly secure and sturdy space solutions that can take the form of home, office, kiosk, toilet/shower to name a few. They are customizable and are gradually turning out to be a necessity for numerous operations nowadays.

Plastering Holes In Doors and Walls Perfectly – Even Though You’ve Never Done It Before

You’ve got some bite size holes in walls and doors and don’t want to get a professional Plasterer but you’ve never plastered a thing in your life before. We show you how to do it, quickly, easily, cheaply and perfectly.

How to Finish Pine – VOC and Toxicity in Woodworking Finishes

It’s nearly impossible to finish a piece of wood without releasing some amount of toxins in the air. Whether we like it or not, the chemical properties of a finish — like the solvents, the pigments, the binders — are what make a finish what it is. The trick then, is to choose a pine finish with the least amount of hazardous chemicals in the mix, but still effective in creating a durable, long-lasting surface.

Tips For Building A Storage Shed From Scratch

This article will provide you with two fantastic tips to building your very first storage shed. Even if you aren’t a carpenter you can build a storage shed for your home. Storage sheds will increase the value of your home, improve your interior space by freeing up room and give you a sense of pride that you built something from scratch. Please enjoy this article!

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