Bathroom Makeover For Under $5k

If your bathroom is in need of a cosmetic makeover, this is one revamp you don’t want to miss! We show you HOW you can totally transform a bathroom with the power of paint! And guess what? You can do (most of it!) yourself over a weekend.

Watch to see how we transformed a bathroom using the new Dulux Renovation Range of paint.

Building Your First Backyard Shed

This is a short article providing a few tips for those interested in building their first backyard shed. For those who read this article they will find the process of building demystified and will gain an understanding of what it really takes to build a shed.

My Shed Plans

These are just a few to mention. You will want to find plans that fit your personal skill level. If you get just a bunch of blueprints than you may not be able to understand the full project. There are free plans all over the web to look at. One thing that I feel is an absolute must is a detailed materials list. This way you will know from the get go an estimate of what it will cost to build your storage shed. Another must have in your plans is a step by step guide so that you will not be missing steps or forgetting some of the details.

How To Fix Damp Walls

Has rising damp penetrated your walls? Learn how to identify rising damp, their causes and how to fix them.

Shed Plans and Designs

When you are looking into building your own shed there are several things to take into consideration. You can create your own plans or you could buy plans. If you do not have building experience than I would for sure buy some plans.

Consignment And Thrift Shopping Rocks: 5 Top Reasons to Join the Consignment Community

Get on board with this trend. You will find it’s a wonderfully green way to go. Whether you shop or consign, it is recycling. Consignment offers variety, unique merchandise, and opportunities to express your own unique style that won’t break the bank.

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