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Join Erin and Sophie for a tour of our House 10 bathrooms.


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How to Build Composter, and Begin the Road to a Greener Planet

Want to do your part in making the world a little bit better and save yourself some money as well? How about turning yard waste and kitchen scraps into organic fertilizer. You’ll be saving space in nearby landfills and saving yourself the cost of buying fertilizer for your plants.

Ten Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like New

When you walk into your home, does the look and feel of its style make you want to just walk back out? If you are tired of your home’s current decor, but your budget won’t allow you to remodel or redecorate completely, what do you do?   You look for inexpensive and easy ways to transform the look and feel of your home.

Top Tips for Installing Electrical In-Floor Heating

It may be summer now, but chances are you are already thinking of the many home improvement projects you have to complete before winter arrives. You have all the tools, the industrial fasteners, and the materials set out, and you are ready to take on just about any project you need to in order for your home to stay warm and toasty once the temperatures start to fall outside. One of the most popular ways of doing that these days is by using electric in-floor heating systems.

Water Damage That Lingers Past the Clean Up

If you live in an area that receives rain fall then you have probably dealt with some form of water damage. Anytime you have water damage the lingering effects can be just as bad if not worse than the initial damage caused by the storm or leak.

Why Is Choosing The Right Floor Tiles For Your Home Extremely Important?

When choosing different types of ceramic floor tiles and porcelain floor tiles is extremely important that you get the right type to suit your property and needs. The reason is because when renovating the home choosing the right combination of colours and materials can ensure that you add value to your property and also have a durable floor as well that will last a long time.

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