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This house has literally been years in the making. We’re premiering a video on our second channel, Reality Renovision at 8:00PM tonight. Check it out here

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Using Cable Ties – The Simplest Fastener Known To Man

Let’s face it fastenings do not get more simple than a cable tie do they? They are sold in their hundreds of thousands if not millions each day Worldwide, and this is because they are one of the most versatile fasteners ever invented to date. They are made of tough nylon, and are virtually indestructible, as they do not rust or wear out, as even if they are attached to something that moves about, such as a cable tie holding a banner down, they are very resistant to wear by chaffing.

When To Use Collated Screws

Are you a serious Do It Yourself (DIY) addict? Or are you someone who renovates old houses on a regular basis and then resells them on? Or do you make wooden garden furniture on a part time basis at home.

Different Available Options For Building DIY Solar Panels

Running a home or a corporate today can be very difficult and expensive because of the rising electricity costs. However it is today possible to reduce and cut down your energy bills by harnessing alternative energy sources for your electricity needs. Solar energy is one of the best alternative sources of energy available in the market today, where you harness and use solar energy to power your electric appliances.

Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Home

Your home definitely needs more maintenance than an occasional painting to ensure it remains in good condition. It is important that you make a thorough check of your home once in a while and check that all parts are in proper working condition. Here are some of the important checks you have to make.

Be Creative and Design Your Own Chair and Let It Proudly Project Your Personality

If you are creative and have a basic idea of carpentry then you can easily design a chair even if you are not a skilled or talented craftsman. Build your own Adirondack and rocking chairs using the best DIY plans,which provide you with very durable, long lasting beautiful chairs.

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