Construction & Facade Reveal | Episode Four | Three Birds Dream Home | House 14

It’s the FULL FRONTAL you’ve been waiting for. In this penultimate episode you’ll see the full house construction, landscaping and facade reveal of our Three Birds Dream Home, built by Rawson Homes – you won’t want to miss it!

Come behind-the-scenes and see how the legends from Rawson Homes build this home fast, efficiently and millimetre-perfect …. which is no mean feat with Lana hanging around onsite all day #helpful #nothelpful #youbethejudge

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Gutter Glove Pro Leaf Guard System Reviewed!

The Gutter Glove Pro leaf guard system is the #1 rated leaf screen system available on the market today. While expensive and time consuming to install, these leaf guards will give you the best protection for the longest period of time compared to any screens on the market today.

3 Cost-Saving Tips for Cleaning Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to come at a high price. You can still enjoy clean and fresh carpet without spending tons of money on commercial carpet cleaning products.

Some Advice for DIY Enthusiasts

For many people doing a few DIY projects around the house is great fun, and some may even want to try their hand at larger jobs. But remember that if you really want to do some DIY, you need to do a little research first.

Bargeboard Replacement – A Difficult Job

So you have just noticed that your bargeboard is showing signs of rot. You make a decision to get a ladder out of the garage and check out the damage. You get up close to the barge and have a closer look. You start digging at the rot and notice that the damage is worse than expected.

Do It Yourself Tips for Waterproofing Your Basement

A leaking basement is not an uncommon thing, especially after significant rainfall. Finding a good way to prevent basement leaks would be a great help, but the first actual step is to find out exactly what is causing the leaking.

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