DIY Downdraft Table for Sanding | How to Build

Build this DIY Downdraft Table to eliminate dust while you are sanding your woodworking or other projects. The project doesn’t need much material but makes a world of difference in your workshop. For the full build plans go to

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2nd piece

How to Build a Wall Part 2 (End)

Gypsum wallboards are the odds-on favorite for covering walls in any area of the house. This material consists of gypsum plaster between two layers of cardboard, forming a plaster sandwich. Sheets range up to 4 by 12′. With the exception of wood-grained gypsum wallboard, which is pre-decorated, it lends itself to any decorative finish – paint, paper, fabric or texture.

How To Build A Wall Part 1

Quite a few of your home improvement or remodeling projects are likely to include the building of an interior wall. While it sounds like a king-size job, it’s really quite simple if you plan it thoroughly before you begin and consider what the new wall will do to your house. It is almost certain to alter the light and heat in the room and it may make some wiring, plumbing and heating changes necessary.

Four Awesome Ways To Use Camouflage Tarps When You Aren’t Hunting

While camouflage tarps are usually purchased for hunters to use in tree stands or blinds, there are plenty of other uses for them. Check out five awesome ways you can use your camo tarps year round.

Using Ice Rink Tarps To Build Your Own Skating Rink

Constructing a home ice rink is easy if you use the right kind of heavy duty tarps as ice rink liners and follow some simple guidelines. Be sure you buy your ice rink tarps and other materials that can withstand low temperatures and hold plenty of weight.

Be Proactive by Preparing Your Home for Fall – Now

Fall is full of fun times and crazy schedules for many homeowners. Now is the time to make sure that your home is prepared for what the fall weather has in store.

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