DIY Drywall Finishing | 18 Tips and Tricks

18 Drywall finishing tools tips and tricks to make your life easier and help the project to look perfect! Cheers!

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Drywall is generally considered to be one of the dirtiest and most difficult artistic trades when it comes to home renovation. For many years the secrets that the pros use have remained a mystery to the homeowner. Instead building stores and tv has shown poor tools and bad techniques by supposed experts who are paid actors.

In this video I will be demonstrating not just 1 tool but many tools that save time and frustration that are very affordable for any homeowner.

In addition I will be demonstrating time saving tips and materials that will help you to finish your project in half the time of traditional drywall taping.

And as a bonus I will be showing the process for opening up your work after it is all installed to find something that you dry walled over. Trust me every homeowner does it, heck i still do it.

Once you understand how to use all the tools and tricks that are available to you then the process of finishing is made quite easy. Once you know how to finish and solve your problems your will spend less time trying to make everything perfect and more time enjoying your new space.

Remember drywall is a combination of the right tools like a rotozip and a flat trowel combined with the3 right materials like mesh tape and 90 minute compound you mix yourself and the right techniques to finish the job, along with all the tricks to hide imperfections and finish your work off flawlessly light cutting in access panels and doing a prime check.


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