DIY Garage Cabinets for Shop Organization

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I’m continuing my shop storage overhaul with DIY Garage Cabinets that match the wall cabinets I made late last year. These base cabinets have modular storage options and are made from sturdy ¾” plywood. You can learn how to build these shop cabinets and customize them to meet your needs. Full build plans available through the link above. #woodworking #storage #organization

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DIY Wall Cabinets with 5 Storage Options –

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Kreg Stop Block –
Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig –
ISOtunes Bluetooth Earbuds –
Flip Top Tool Stand –
Spindle Sander –
18V Router –
18” Drawer Slides –
Hinges –
Door handles –
Pull/Flush Cut Saw –
Countersink bit –

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