Episode 1, House 5 | Three Birds TV

We are finally back on the box and together with our new besties, realestate.com.au, we are thrilled to be able to share this current reno with you.  It will be a snappy six-part series with each episode short enough, so you can watch outside the school gates or on your coffee break, but still long enough so you can get a good sense of the shenanigans (and some renovating of course) going on at House Five.

How to Prevent Water Damage in a Flood

Learn the quick and easy ways to prevent water damage during a flood that have been proven to work. Discover how to protect your home using practical, step-by-step tips to stop flood water damaging your home.

Have You Looked at Fasteners?

There are a lot of fasteners available for those of us who like to do a bit of DIY. If you are new to the DIY scene then you might find it all a bit confusing. If this is the case, then you will want to keep reading for some really useful information on choosing the correct fasteners.

Learn Carpentry Skills On DIY Courses

If you have a home improvement project on the horizon, you may want to look into taking DIY carpentry courses. There are reputable training centres that can provide carpentry courses to suit the requirements of anyone who is looking to improve their DIY skills so that they can perform tasks confidently around the home. DIY carpentry courses are specifically aimed at those people who have prospective jobs around the house that they would like to try and accomplish themselves without the help of a professional tradesman.

Some Information Concerning Fixings

Precisely what comes to mind when you come across the word ‘fixings’? If you are the person who prepares the meals in your household then you will probably start wondering whether you have the necessary fixings for dinner and if you will have to go to the supermarket to buy a few ingredients. If you are a home handyman or proprietor of a hardware store then you may think of rawl bolts and silicone sealant. Or, if you make clothes for a living then hooks and eyes or buttons might spring to mind.

Home Improvement DIY Projects – Money-Savers or Potential Disasters?

There are a number of reasons why people undertake do-it-yourself home improvement projects. It may be that a person wishes to fix up their house with a view to selling it and getting a better price. Or it could be that they enjoy working with their hands and possess the knowledge and expertise to carry out their own DIY projects. Sometimes, the need to go it alone arises out of pure necessity, like on a Sunday afternoon when you cannot get hold of a plumber, for instance.

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