Episode 1 | Lana’s Forever Home, House 6

Hey gang – here she is – Episode 1 of our latest series of Three Birds TV, Lana’s Forever Home, made possible by realestate.com.au. Let us know what you think!

Over the next 8 weeks we’ll share the full reno journey, launching a new episode every Monday night @ 8pm. This first episode introduces the project and then every ep following will showcase a space in the house from start to finish! Yep that’s right, there will be room reveals in every episode #yay #inspoeveryep

Getting the Best From Your UPVC Windows

So, you have your new UPVC windows installed and you are, quite rightly, very pleased with the results; but have you given much thought at all as to which are the best methods to clean them? Whilst harsh chemicals can be used on some types of window, they should be avoided at all costs with UPVC as they may well cause significant, and permanent, damage. Scouring pads or other harsh materials should also be avoided as these are likely to permanently scar or scratch the UPVC material.

The Advantages of UPVC Cladding

Cladding is more prevalent around the house than you may think. It is used to protect and decorate the house – both on the inside and out. In the past, wooden cladding was widely used.

How to Install Fascias and Soffits

Fascias and soffits are an integral part of a house’s guttering system. Fascia boards contain the guttering of a building, and soffits are the finishing materials placed under the fascia.

Pocket Hole Joints – The Easy Way to Build Furniture

At first glance, a pocket hole joint resembles a simple butt joint – no grooves, dados, rabbets, or other fancy joinery – just two boards stuck together end-to-end. However, a butt joint by itself is relatively weak, and usually requires some type of hardware to add strength to the joint. That’s where pocket hole joints come in. Using a special jig (pocket hole jig), builders drive a “pocket screw” through the edge of one board and into another (usually at 15 degree angle). This creates a surprisingly strong and durable joint between the two pieces, and many cases, doesn’t require glue.

How To Build A Wood Shed Fast

If you wish to build a woodshed for your outdoor storage then here are some tips for you. When it comes to outdoor storage a storage shed made out of wood is the ideal solution in most cases; it’s a fast solution that can hold for years to come and I believe it’s also the most flexible solution for you out there. After reading this article you will know exactly why wood shed will be your best solution and where you can get the best shed plans that will help you complete your wood shed project in the cheapest, easiest and fastest manner.

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