Episode 1 | The Kitchen, House 9 Renovation

We’re starting off with a BANG in this latest series of Three Birds TV, revealing our kitchen in the first episode! Why wait we thought? Let’s get this pretty party started from Week 1. Can’t wait to see what you think of #theboldextension. Let us know in the comments section.

Bush Fire Protection And Your Home

Gutter Guardian Manufacturing Pty Ltd have been manufacturers of Aluminium Gutter Guards for over 25yrs. Over the years we have come across common questions that people ask concerning their choice of gutter protection. With recent changes to government and shire legislations regarding fire prevention and, the introduction of the new BAL legislation there seems to be much more confusion over the subject. We have written this article in an effort to help people become more informed about this important subject and, hopefully better enable them to make informed choices about protecting their home.

Ways to Effectively Maintain Clean Air in Attached Garages

Unarguably, garages are essential buildings for homeowners with vehicles. This article will tell you things that you can do to minimize permitting noxious substances in your house coming from your garage.

How To Build A Container Home – Do It Yourself Home Construction

Shipping container homes are getting more and more popular these days. People are becoming more practical and resourceful to meet their needs for shelter. The best thing about this kind of house is that you can make one for yourself at a very cost-effective and time-efficient way.

Seasonal Maintenance – Year-Round Responsibilities for Homeowners

Homeownership brings with it a host of new responsibilities, both financial and physical, which can often be daunting for people who transition from apartment living. For people who have only lived in their family’s home, a dorm or shared apartment, maintenance responsibilities typically fall to parents, universities, landlords or apartment managers. However, once a renter becomes a buyer, responsibilities never considered become a reality – one that continues year-round as the seasons change.

Home Plumbing – How to Identify Your Faucet Type

For the inexperienced DIY plumber it may be daunting identifying the correct faucet to buy parts for. Luckily it’s pretty easy! Let’s take a look at some of the very basics to identifying your faucet and finding the right parts.

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