Episode 1 | The River Shack, Holy Caravan Conversion

The River Shack is a weekender… a getaway… a place to escape your serious life (and by serious I mean remembering to fill in your kid’s excursion slips or trying to find time to dye your hair).  Painting the caravan pink and black with a gold lightning bolt seemed like the obvious choice!

And what about the inside? Well, Bon has gone on the record saying the inside of the caravan is her favourite space we’ve ever renovated!! Now that’s a big call! Watch the ep and see if you agree with her 😉 Either way, I think we may have started a trend for wallpapering your ceiling cos geez it looks amazing!

Building Regulations In The UK

It is important to be aware of your responsibility to adhere to building regulation when carrying out any DIY projects on your home. Kitchens and bathrooms have regulations that are set especially for them. If you do not follow building regulations you not only risk the demolition of your project but also the safety of your family.

Personal Safety When Tiling

It is very important to take safety precautions when tiling a room. There really is no good reason not to protect your eyes, ears, lungs, hands and knees from the hazards and rigors of the demolition, preparation and implementation process by wearing the proper safety gear.

How to Remove Old Lettering

  One of the benefits of vinyl lettering is that its removal does not damage the surface on which it is applied. New lettering can be applied on the same area. There are number of ways of removing lettering.

How to Apply a Wall Decal

Fitting a wall decal is an easy job; however, you need to be patient and plan the application (especially for a larger print). Here are some tips on how to apply one properly: 1. Clean the wall on which you want to place the decal.

Repairing a Small Hole In Drywall

Be honest, I know we have all swung the door open too hard and put the knob through the wall. Maybe you punched it when your team lost or worse your wife put the remote controller through it when she was fed up with your sports. I have even seen a dog chew through drywall. Whatever the case may be, if you have one of these “excitement holes”, I’m going to tell you exactly how to repair your small hole in your drywall, the right way! OK, so your going to need some things.

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