Episode 2 | The Master Suite, House 9 Renovation

Is it a boudoir or a bedroom? Whatever it is she’s definitely got her fancy pants on! Episode 2 takes the original dining and sun room turning them into a master suite retreat! We also add a mini extension off the side of the house giving us a few extra metres to build an exclusive little deck and ensuite with huge floor-to-ceiling window! And for a bit of added privacy, Bon has something up her sleeve that she’s dying to show you. #theboldextension

Pointing In Brickwork – 4 Quick Tips

Pointing in brickwork is something that every bricklayer does without even having to think about it, but for those of us who aren’t brickies it’s something that looks easy, but isn’t. This article gives you 4 tips for success.

Why Is It Nice To Have A Telescopic Adjustable Ladder?

When it comes to working on projects around the house, ladders are one of the first things that people use to help them with their projects. Ladders assist you when you are simply needing to change a light bulb or if you are working on a larger project around the house such as painting or needing access to the roof. The thing is, sometimes there are situations in which the standard ladder does not provide you access to the areas that you need. This is where having a telescopic or adjustable ladder makes things a lot easier.

Types and Functions of Brushes

When someone mentions brushes, what comes to your mind? Cleaning, painting, combing hair or polishing? The fact that they can be associated with so many tasks simply shows how versatile brushes are.

Restoring A Staircase Rather Than Replacing It!

Only a decade or so back it was all the rage to rip out anything old a replace it with something brand new, such as taking out an old Victorian staircase and replacing it with a completely new one in exactly the same style. Yet eventually this practice was brought in to question with many people asking themselves “Why not keep the old staircase and restore it instead?” And now many people are doing just that, with the realisation that not only is it far cheaper to restore an old staircase, but you also end up…

DIY Roman Shades – Installation Options

Installation considerations often define the style of roman shade that may work best for the DIY’er. Common installation types include inside mount, outside mount, and hybrid mount techniques. Each of these presents some benefits and some complexities. The DIY’er as designer, engineer, and fabricator and will choose the best alternative. Presented in this article is information that will simplify these decisions.

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