Episode 3, House 5 | Three Birds TV

Tune in to Episode Three to see a snapshot of how the first few weeks of the reno unfold. Erin’s far too calm as the Foreman (is she serious?). Bonnie’s designing the house on the hop (is SHE serious?) and Lana continues to add little value onsite, providing a few too many “Oh My God!” moments (and the sad thing is, she IS serious).

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Ideas To Help You Improve Your Home’s Value

Be aware of the limitations of your skills, and know when it is time to call for help from a professional. Read on to learn what you can do by yourself and what you should not attempt.

Restoring an Old Fire Pit

If you have an old rusty fire pit that hasn’t been used in a while because it looks like it is from a different century here are a few tips on restoring it back to a usable condition. Over time your fire pit may begin to show some wear and tear from the elements and it will need a little T.L.C.

Log Home Restoration – Discover Specifics About Log Cabin Kits

In case you have a log home for quite some time, it’s normal to employ a log home restoration in order to prevent your home to rot. Now, if the log home is more than twenty years old and maintenance is getting too expensive it may be more efficient to demolish your log home, save some of the materials and reconstruct a more contemporary house.

Sun Awnings – All The Benefits

During the summer months when the sun it at its hottest, adequate shaded areas around the home will allow for some respite from the suns rays. Whilst a parasol may be adequate for small terraces and patios, the majority of homeowners are looking for a larger shaded area to provide protection from the sun of not only themselves but also their friends and family.

Choose a Hardwood Conservatory As Your Next Investment

Whilst the conventional type of conservatory nowadays is UPVC, it is also becoming increasingly popular for people to invest in hardwood. Dating back to the Victorian era, a hardwood conservatory is able to provide you with an extension that is both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. Being much more eco-friendly to create than UPVC, a hardwood conservatory will help you to reduce your carbon footprint, as well as giving your garden that unique, natural look.

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