Episode 3 | Main Bathroom, Guest Bedroom + Nursery, House 9 Renovation

Are you ready for our triple room reveal tonight?

We can’t wait to share these spaces with you. They’re bold, beautiful and tie back in with that dreamy green island bench you saw in our kitchen reveal in week one!

Green is definitely the word!

Installing Underground Drainage Pipes

The width of the trench should be the size of the pipe (usually 110mm in domestic situations) plus 300mm. Hence for a standard 110mm pipe the trench width should be 410mm. Many small diggers come with a bucket that is this size for exactly that reason.

DIY Roman Shades – Movable Art

Roman shades have long been appreciated for their efficiency, simplicity, and even ease of construction. We have now come to recognize a special value that they embody. Roman shades can be a form of movable art. By preparing a painting or using a fabric-based art object such as a handmade quilt, it is possible to marry the function of the roman shade with art and create movable window art.

Go Cheaper With Solar Panels for Your Home

A house with solar panels that generate heat from the sun would be an energy-efficient home for you and your family. With these features, you will be able to save more and worry less about pollution and your family’s health. A lot of information is available when it comes to solar panels for your house.

Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Ever wonder why your electric bills go up the ladder? Ever want to lower the costs of your bills so you can spend more on your needs? Energy saving tips applicable in your home will be right for you.

DIY Solar Panels: The Secret to Effective Energy Consumption?

The sun is the source of a massive energy in the earth. According to NASA, “The amount of energy that the earth gets from the sun every hour is sufficient to satisfy all energy. The sun gives the earth 174 Petawatts (Pw) of solar energy.”

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