Episode 3 | The River Shack, Master, Dining + Living

Ever wondered how Bon styles a space ….. especially considering she’s not exactly what you’d call “classically trained”? What about when she has to be super practical AND make it look beautiful at the same time? Well tune in tonight to get all of her hints and tips on how she did it down at the River Shack. 

P.S – My fave tip is how she adds water to the faux plants.

P.P.S – we know a lot of you have an eye for great art based on the overwhelming response we had to Simon Davidson’s “car burn out” artwork in the kitchen last week so… this week we think you’re gonna love our artwork choices in the living room just as much!

Basic Woodworking Projects

Learn from a real master in his profession, let him take you step by step allowing you to produce the most beautiful timber products you have laid your eyes on. Don’t you owe it to yourself to take a look at just what is on offer?

Prepare Your Home for Spring Rains

April showers bring May flowers? April storms and downpours can wreak havoc with your home if you are not prepared. In this article we will guide you step by step through the inspection process of your home’s exterior in preparation for the spring rains.

Outdoor Table Fireplace

Outdoor fireplace that looks like a classy table, only fire comes out of the surface when lit. Learn how to build one.

DIY Fitted Wardrobes – Functional and Stylish Space Savers

DIY Fitted wardrobes offer people an elegant answer to their storage quandaries. If you are living in an aged home or you are in a tight budget then perhaps you don’t have the extravagance built-in closet.

Build Your Own Cooler

Build your own cooler if you can’t find one to fit your needs. This is a simple DIY that you can do yourself with a few inexpensive materials.

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