Episode 4 | Lana’s Forever Home, House 6

Thanks for all the great feedback we’ve received to the Parents’ Retreat! It certainly makes me feel like we made all the right choices 😍.  Now I can’t wait to share with you the reno journey and reveal of my kids bedrooms and bathroom. Ruby is 9 and Heath has just turned 7 so we wanted to create rooms that weren’t too childish but still playful. They’ll be teenagers before we can blink #omg #scared #wantthemtostaythisageforever.

Crawl Spaces and Bleach – Mold Myth!

One of the biggest myths told to homeowners is if there’s mold/mildew/fungi, just ‘spray it with bleach’. This could be one of the biggest mistakes you make!

Quick Ways on How to Lay a Patio

It is effortless to know how to lay a patio. Even with no prior experience, you can find tutorials and patio ideas online that will teach you on building your garden patio.

Learn How to Install Crown Molding With The Results Of A Master Craftsman

Have you ever wandered how to install crown molding that looks like it grew together? In the following few paragraphs I will share with you some of the time-tested tricks of the trade I have used over many years. There are few things that you can do to add more of a statement to a room, than adding crown molding. If you follow my recommendations, you can achieve the success and satisfaction of a job well done.

Sometimes DIY Just Shouldn’t Be A Consideration

Sometimes DIY projects can be very economical and worthwhile. Other times, they can be dangerous, expensive, wasteful and have embarrassing results.

Is Repairing Your Vacuum the Green Thing to Do?

Have you ever considered what happens to that old vacuum cleaner you toss in the dump? Instead of throwing away the whole vacuum at the first sign of trouble, consider repairing or replacing parts that are likely the culprit and give your old vacuum a second chance at life!

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