Episode 5 | Alfresco + Bar, House 9 Renovation

Shut the bar door, can you believe we’re already up to Episode 5? #timeflieswhenyourehavingfun #finalenextmonday #wewontletyoudownlikethebachie

Yes, that was ‘bar’ we said, but should it have been ‘bedroom’? Which would you pick?

Either way, you’ll be able to fling open a set of Frenchies onto the ultimate alfresco oasis. And did we mention the most beautiful privacy screen we’ve ever built?

Lindapter Develops New Cladding Fixing Range

The Lindapter company has for very many years provided a unique fixing system for steel building and structural work which uses a set of clamping systems to join the steelwork according to the design. Using clamps means there is no or little requirement for drilling and fixing of the steelwork…

Bunk Bed Plans – Choosing The Perfect Bunk Bed For Your Space!

If you’re ready for a simple challenge and you want to design your bunk bed yourself, then choosing to do this on your own is not that difficult. All you will need to have is determination, strong will, and good set of bunk bed plans!

Cutting Ceramic Tile

Installing ceramic tile requires several basic techniques, if you want to get the job done properly and save some money. One of the essential techniques for any tile project is to know how to cut ceramic tiles, in order to get the least amount of waste. Therefore, one has several options: on one hand you can use a carbide-tipped pencil, for straight cuts and small projects, or a score-and-snap cutter when installing tile on larger surfaces.

Why You Need a Dumpster for That Project

When beginning any type of home improvement project it is recommended that a plan be created that describes each part of the process. Many times in creating these a simple step is overlooked. Almost all constructions projects big or small produce waste.

Light Fixture Installation Basics

So you want to change the light fixture in your ceiling. Here are a few basic tips to keep you safe and successful in your lighting change.

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