Episode 5 | Alfresco + Main Living

How do you create a coastal lifestyle when you’re nowhere near the coast?

Rule #1 – create water views … from every room
Rule #2 – strategically place palm trees … like they were chess pieces
Rule #3 – hang a floating day bed …. for that Mrs-Sippy-Bali-Vibe
Rule #4 – create a white-out …. to rival a blizzard at Thredbo
Rule #5 – make sure there’s enough seating … for 200 people

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Just crazy enough for Bon to have attempted this one – encouraged by her partner in crime and slightly garden obsessed, Mon Palmer. Slip, slop, slap gang, here comes the Bon & Mon outdoor show!

$Save Big Money$ And Perform The Seasonal Check Up On Your Central A/C By Yourself

You save a lot of money by doing most of the tasks you would normally hire by yourself. Read here about maintenance and inspection of your Central A/C system.

Sizing Screws

‘Fasteners’ is a handy catch-all phrase for screws, nails, bolts, plugs, anchors, fixings – essentially almost anything that can attach something to something else. While some types of fastening can be used in different circumstances, many are designed to be the perfect type, shape, size and material for a highly specific purpose. Sadly this article is too short to discuss this in much detail – it would take an entire book. However, there is one aspect of fasteners that can be confusing in Australia and that is understanding the sizing.

Paint Problems – DIY Painting Tips

All painters know that painting in wet conditions or on a damp surface is asking for trouble. Your freshly-painted finish will quickly fall victim to ugly peeling and bubbling. But what’s the answer if peeling happens on a long-established painted surface? Most people would simply scrape and repaint if it only happens to a small area. But what if this is a widespread problem with paint peeling throughout a property? Then you have a mystery to solve – and a solution to come up with.

Benefits of Cheap Solar Energy

Solar energy will one day power our homes and help us free ourselves and our planet from pollutants and other emissions that are produced when burning fossil fuels for energy (most specifically, electricity). With cheap solar panels, we will be able to harness the power of the sun to power not only our electrical systems, but also our vehicles. It will also help us heat our water and our food.

Hoses and Their Uses

All of us must have come across hoses in our lives. They are present almost every where; in our homes, in the industry and almost every appliance. Hoses make the transfer of fluids much easier, faster and more efficient than other typical methods.

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