Episode 6 | The River Shack Renovation, The Ultimate Weekender

This week on Three Birds TV we share all our tips on how to design the “ultimate weekender”! It’s our final episode for The River Shack, we have loved sharing the journey with you.

DIY Shed Plans – A How to Guide

Building your own shed can be a provide you with a worthwhile addition to your backyard. All you need are some good shed plans and a few woodworking skills.

24X24 Garage Plans: Important Steps to Consider

24×24 garage plans are high in demand and reflects the popularity of the attached or unattached two car garage, a common addition to many American homes. Whether you have a single car garage or do not have a garage, if building a garage is in your future, here are some considerations you need to explore when you are browsing the wide selection of 24×24 garage plans. Planning is the cornerstone of building a garage from a garage plan to minimize hassles.

What Types Of Chalkboards Are On The Market?

Over the last few decades, the simple chalkboard has come a long way. What was once a slate that students completed their schoolwork on has now become a visually appealing feature of the classroom and home.If you are interested in installing a chalkboard in your home or school, this helpful guide may help you to decide on which one is best for your needs.

Choosing To Treat Your Log Home Right

A log home is probably one of the most beautiful types of home you can have if it has been given the proper care. However if you leave it unattended and open to the elements it doesn’t take long to deteriorate leaving you with a home that not only looks awful but can also be structurally unsound. There is however solutions to help you maintain your log structure and keep the logs in pristine condition for many years into the future.

The Importance Of Understanding Blueprints For DIY Woodworking Projects

Shed plans are unique in do it yourself blueprint plans due to the variety of designs and features that can be incorporated into the plans at the beginning stage. A basic understanding of how the blueprints work is very helpful in completing any project that requires wood working skills.

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