Episode 7 | Courtyards, Breezeway, Adults’ Retreat, Playroom + Secret Room, Bonnies Dream Home

One of the integral parts of the design for Bonnie’s Dream home was the different pavilions that open onto internal courtyards. She wanted there to be glimpses on lush greenery from every window in the house.

But she didn’t plan for her mid-reno room reshuffle! Good idea? #youbethejudge

+ Not one but TWO internal courtyards,
+ The breezeway that divides them – what’s that you ask? Yeah, Erin hadn’t heard of one either!
+ The adults’ retreat AKA the Nathan and Bonnie room #bringonthenetflixbinges
+ The boys’ playroom
+ The gym… or not.

And shhhh… there’s even a secret room – it was the one request Bon’s boys had in their new family home. But it might need a name change now we’ve let it slip! #thesecretisout.

DIY Roman Shades – Make Them Safe

Roman shades are decorative window coverings favored by the DIY’er for many good reasons. They are affordable, attractive and reasonably easy to make. Children, unfortunately, have been injured playing with roman shades that do not take safety into consideration. Fortunately, components and design principles are available that allow the DIY’er to fabricate a safer product.

Wood Stain Treatment Advice

Looking after any wood to make sure it lasts a long time takes care and thought as to what treatment to apply to it, be it for treating wood on an internal application, or even more importantly what to use when treating external wood that will be exposed to the elements all year round. So what wood treatment should you use? Well with wood being a natural product that comes in a multitude of different types then a “One size fits all” approach is unlikely to work, and you will need to take time to evaluate your wood…

Is Your Marble or Granite Sealed? Get DIY Testing Tips

Your granite or marble may or may not already be sealed by the contractor who installed it. If asking the contractor is not an option, it’s important you know the condition of your stone so you can create a maintenance regimen to make this natural beauty last. Testing your granite or marble slab is easy with the tips below.

Fine Woodworking – Creating Beautiful and Durable Furniture

Planning is very vital when you are thinking along the lines of fine woodworking. There are plenty of plans available, however, you should research and find the best one which suits your requirements.

Consumer Alert: Beware of Liquid Septic Tank Treatments and Shocks

Uncertain economic times, increased use of anti-bacterial soaps, detergents and cleaners and lack of consumer awareness has caused homeowners across the globe to turn to DIY septic treatment alternatives to avoid the expense of septic tank repair. Unfortunately, many homeowners have been unknowingly tricked into spending hundreds of dollars on liquid septic tank treatments and shocks without being given all of the facts. The author shares critical information for any homeowner looking to avoid the potential financial disaster of a failed septic tank.

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