Episode 7 | Lana’s Forever Home

Successful Tips For Do It Yourself Home Improvements

Not only can you save yourself a small fortune by cutting out certain tradesmen, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself. Better still, once you gain the confidence to tackle your own home improvement projects, you’ll find that DIY can be a lot of fun.

Budgeting for a Quick Fix

Fix up your home, by yourself, quickly and easily. Inexpensive ideas to get you through the lean, DIY days.

Four Inexpensive Options for Improving the Fence Around Your Home

Whether privacy or decorative fencing surrounds your home it is sure to require maintenance and attention at some point in its lifespan to keep it looking good. In this article you will find four inexpensive methods to getting the border of your property into prime shape for any onlooker.

How To Easily Extend Your Water Heater’s Life

Water heaters are essential appliances for every home. Generally speaking water heaters on the whole are reliable and often last in excess of over 10 years. By following this quick easy tips you can extend your water heater’s life.

Learning How to Become a Woodworker!

Learning how to become a woodworker isn’t as hard as it may seem. I consider woodworking to be a passion rather than a job or hobby. The reason it is a passion to me is because I have been doing it so long and I have expectations for the pieces of work that I create.

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