Episode 8 | Lana’s Forever Home

Mapping America, The Community, Your Home

Late last year, eminent newspaper The New York Times published a nifty little project to their website. It was called Mapping America: Every City, Every Block.

DIY Aquaponics, The Greatest DIY Product I’ve Ever Heard Of

Aquaponics is a revolutionary new “Food Production” system, that’s taking the world by storm. It’s the hottest DIY project on the planet! A Great Green project particularly for people interested in “Sustainable Living practices”.

Wood Stain That Lasts Longer

The protection of wood surfaces has become an area where there has been a great deal of development over the past few years and the life cycle of the protective treatments has increased quite significantly. There are many types of surfaces that require protection particularly when the wood surface is an exterior application. The typical applications are for cladding, fascias and outside doors and windows and these are all areas, which require a first class finish as well as providing protection against the elements.

Three Major Pitfalls Of Home Improvement

Home improvement projects are both exciting and exhausting all at once. Homeowners must be careful to ensure that they get exactly what they want from the project and, especially, from their contractor. Below, discover the three major pitfalls of home improvement that should and can be avoided.

Buying The Right Front Door Handle And Furniture

Get the right door furniture for the front door, it will pay dividends in the end. There are all sorts and types of front door furniture which are available, but it does not pay to buy cheaply as this is one area where quality is paramount. The door handle should be a strong design both as a design statement and as it is probably the hardest working handle in the house.

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