Episode 8 | Laundry & Powder Room, Bonnie’s Dream Home

OK gang, if you thought you saw a lot of tiles in Bonnie’s bathroom reveals… be prepared to be blown away this week. There’s a tile party going on… and you’re all invited!

Watch Bon do away with any ‘rules’ of how many shapes, sizes, colours and patterns of tiles you can use in one room. She’s thrown caution to the wind and gone a little cray cray in her powder room and laundry.  How many tiles is too many? #youbethejudge

What I Have Learned About Building My Own Tiki Bar

Being a tiki bar owner now for over 5 years I have learned things that I wish would have done and things that I would never do again. I would like to share with you my mistakes and improvements to my tiki bar.

How To Install A Suspended Drywall Ceiling

If you want to install a perfectly flat ceiling over old drywall that is not flat, or even over brand new framing that’s just out of whack, using a steel-frame suspende ceiling system might turn out to be easier than endlessly fussing with furring and shims trying to flatten out the ceiling. Modern suspension systems are substantially easier to install than old systems.

Buying a Replacement Manhole Cover

As manhole covers age, they tend to become brittle due to continued exposure to the elements. Eventually they will break, particularly if they are made of cast iron. A broken cover allows drain odours to escape from the underground drainage system and it poses a danger to pedestrians and vehicles, so it needs to replaced as a matter of urgency.

Top Drywall Hanging Tips And Techniques

Hanging drywall does have some time-saving tips, special applications and unique tools, such as the deadmen, panel lifters, and stilts. All of which are very useful when moving or installing gypsum drywall. Below is a list of tools that may be used to ease this process.

Replace An Old Roof Light With a Ceiling Fan

Choose your ceiling fan properly as to dimension and decor as you want it to combination in perfectly with the entire area. If there are steel accessories, which are existing on many well-known designs of ceiling lovers, take proper need to get noticeable whether the steel accessories are refined steel or traditional steel as you will want to have them all the same if you are buying more than one and you will want to synchronize with the relax of your decor. Also, go with the planet or light treatments to the rest of your decor as well.

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