Episode 9 | Exterior, Bonnie’s Dream Home

Wow gang, we can hardly believe it, tonight’s episode is the GRAND FINALE of Bonnie’s Dream Home reveal! Episode 9 is now live, featuring the front façade, barn and garden 🏡And that special moment we’ve all been waiting for when Bon’s family explores their new home #makesitallworthit #homesweethome.

Simple Woodworking Projects As Hobbies

Everyone needs a hobby. Whether it is something to relieve stress, wind down from work, or bring the family together, hobbies help us by bringing a little spice to the ingredients of our life. They just make our routines more enjoyable! That is why simple woodworking projects have taken a dramatic rise in the list of favorite American past-times. These fun, easy tasks help us get back to our roots and enjoy the simplistic ways of life.

Things You Should Do Before Storing Your Boat for Winter

Winter is a harsh time. If you own a boat, the extreme cold and elements during winter can cause damage to it. To prolong the life of your boat there are several steps you should take to prepare it for this extreme season.

How to Measure For Window Blinds

When shopping for vertical blinds for your windows, taking measurements is one of the most important things you have to do. As tasking as it may be, measuring cannot be skipped. In shopping for blinds, there is nothing like one-blind fits all.

Why Choose Roller Blinds for Your Windows

There are a number of reasons why you may want to cover windows. Increased privacy and to block out unwanted light are just two of them.

Oil Analysis Labs

Performing a check on the composition and cleanliness of industrial lubricants will reveal how well machinery is operating. Oil analysis labs are equipped with advanced testing equipment that indicates the overall health of pumping systems, compactors, electrical motors, internal combustion engines and turbines. Every moving part in machinery that comes in contact with oils or lubricants leaves behind trace evidence.

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