Episode Six | Kids Bedrooms and Bathrooms, Bonnie’s Dream Home

Yes, yes it’s true – most of the rooms you’ve seen so far in Bonnie’s Dream Home have been a tad biased towards the adults in the house. But that’s not because Bon built a home just for her, Nathan and their friends. No way Jose!

This home truly is a family home and tonight’s room reveals prove it. Episode 6 is all about the kids – yep the 4 boys – Archie, Buster, Rowdie and Dodge. Bon took her pretty time designing their bedrooms and bathrooms but geez she did good. Get ready to dine out on a visual feast of different colours, textures, themes and things to climb on.
Oh and keep your eyes peeled for the best IKEA bed hack we’ve ever done. Full disclosure, we’ve actually never done one before, but hey, we were first timers and it turned out a winner #youbethejudge ;-))

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When it comes to the security of your house, you have to remember that you are essentially encased in bricks, so the walls are not where the weaknesses are. Sometimes on the news, or occasionally if you are from certain council estates, you will see a burnt out house somewhere around, and when you look at it chances are the walls are still intact, whilst the rest of the building has literally gone up in smoke. You can assume, then, that the problems in your structure that are dangerous when a fire breaks out are the doors and windows.

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