Facade & Floorplans | Episode Two | Three Birds Dream Home | House 14

In this episode we unpack two of the MOST important elements of a home – the Facade and the Floorplan! If you nail both these things, you’re going to be high-fiving your friends, family (and even strangers strolling by) but if you miss the mark, you might be left wondering “what could have been?” for many years to come.

We all know how important street appeal is! So what does the facade of the Three Birds Dream Home look like? What’s it made of? What colour is it? Will the roof and window trims contrast or complement the rest of the exterior? What details will make all the difference to bringing to life our Coastal Cool style? In a nutshell, what will make this home turn heads when people drive past?

And don’t forget the floorplan? A fabulous floorplan is key to ensuring a happy and high-functioning home. So, how much space should you give to each room in the house? What’s the best layout to create an open, airy feeling, ripe for entertaining …. whilst also providing places to escape the hustle and bustle for a bit of R&R.

We share all our tips and tricks in Episode 2 where we take you behind the scenes as we design the best facade and floorplan for our Three Birds Dream Home, built by Rawson Homes – enjoy!

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