Facade + Whole Home Reveal, Episode 6 | Hinterland Hideaway New Build | House 10

Pop the bubbly gang, it’s the LAST HURRAH for House 10!

It’s been a HUGE project for us… with so many firsts: our first collaboration with the amazingly stylish ‘fourth bird’, Sophie Bell, our first new build… won’t be the last and our first out-of-town project… might be the last #exhausted!

In our final episode we’ll show you the Peppa Hart home office, where all our Three Birds digital design magic happens, the facade of the house #frontdoorgoals, and the best bit of all…. we keep the cameras rolling when Soph, Bell, Hendrix and baby Peppa go through the finished house for the first time #tearjerker.

Here’s your final fix of the #mediterraneanfarmhouse as we hand this beauty back to Soph and her little family to live out their forever…

Floor Redesigns – Tips for Painting a Concrete Floor

When it comes to flooring, polished concrete floors are great materials, which are more commonly used. However in homes it’s not something you would want to leave unfinished or uncovered. Many people prefer to have their flooring either laminated, carpeted, or tiled with hardwood or tiles, rather than keep it with the plain old slab flooring. But on the upside of things, and for a big change, concrete can actually look quite good if it is finished properly.

DIY Skills For the Real World – How to Equip Your Kids for the Future

Today’s TV viewers love DIY shows. They are fun and visual giving you inspiration to tackle all sorts of things around the house. But here’s an interesting question. Do you remember who taught you to hammer a nail or plunge a toilet? Well, there is no APP for that! Who is inspiring our kids to be doers and problem solvers? Well, we parents need to do this. We need to encourage our kids to be creative and hands-on. Work with your little ones or your teens and show them that getting things done often involves more than writing a check!

Beginner’s Guide to Free Woodworking Shelf Plans

Decluterring your house can be so much enjoyable once you consider checking out several free woodworking shelf plans on the net. Making the most of such resources could transform your home from a post-apocalyptic state into a fantastic living space, from your shed to your attic. Free woodworking shelf plans could shipshape any room and enhance the visual appeal, easing your mind and daily troubles at the same time.

How I Discovered the Use of an Electric Saw

If you have or are trying to cut down a tree or prune the branches of a tree, you will find that using a conventional saw just doesn’t cut it. If you want to make it easier to do these tasks, you may be interested in finding out what an electric saw can do for you.

Advantages of Building Outdoor Sheds

If you really want to de-clutter your backyard or garage by arranging all your junk stuff well in place, you should go for building outdoor sheds. Once you build storage sheds, you will realize its enormous advantages.

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