Flip Top Tool Stand for Planer & Spindle Sander | DIY Woodworking Storage

This Flip Top Tool Stand is the perfect station for your planer, sander, miter saw, or any other benchtop tool. Shop workstations should serve double duty and this one does!
Blog & Plans: http://fixthisbuildthat.com/diy-flip-top-tool-stand-plans/
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How To Deal With an Out of Warranty HDTV Repair

If your hdtv is out of warranty and is not working properly you need to deal with getting it repaired. The options you have are you can call for in home service repair from a local repair shop or you can send it to a repair shop. The other option is you can make this repair yourself if you have the know how.

Removing Fence Posts Mounted in Cement Footings – DIY Fence Repair

The best way to remove a fence post installed in a solid concrete base if the wood post is broken off at ground level without digging or using expensive equipment. Step by step instructions for the DIY homeowner using the Wood Post Puller method.

Do You Mix And Match Or Go For Uniform Only With Switches And Sockets?

The electrical equipment fitted throughout a dwelling, office or workplace has so many permutations it is difficult to decide on the best arrangement for the application concerned. The problem with items such as switches and sockets is there are many different sizes and types made with different finishes that to get the best arrangement can take some work.

Choosing and Installing Tiles Near Your Fireplace Is One Easy Upgrade for Your Hearth: A Quick Guide

A home fireplace is a fantastic thing for families. Just envision all the cozy winter nights by the fire! But if the outside of the fireplace isn’t so cozy, it’s not nearly as nice. Installing a tile hearth around your fireplace is a great way to warm up your home and make it one of your favorite places!

Finishing The Interior In Living Space Of Attic

There is a wide variety of attractive and easy-to-install wall materials available. If you plan to use the vertical plank type finish you will have to install 1×2 horizontal furring strips spaced 12″ to 16″ apart. Nail these strips to the studs or joists on all wall and ceiling areas. Be sure to provide a nailing surface on both sides of all angles and corners.

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