Guest Bedroom & Bathroom + Study | Episode 6 | Australian Staycation New Build | House 13

We’re all lining up to be the first guests to stay at Lou’s place… and you’ll see why when we show you her guest accommodation. The dreamiest bedroom leads on to the dreamy guest bathroom, complete with double showers. Lucky she’s added enough wardrobe space to let us stay for weeks (winkwink).

In this era of working from home, Louisa and her hubby both needed office space so we created his and hers offices, his upstairs and hers down, with plenty of space for all.

Bonnie’s named ‘hers’ as her favourite room of this house! Watch now to see why.

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Why There Are No One-Size-Fits-All Fasteners in Construction

There is a multitude of different styles of fasteners available on the market today. Each style of fastener, or ‘anchor’ as this type of device is sometimes called in the construction industry, typically comes in a variety of lengths and thicknesses to suit a variety of building materials like wood and steel, and wall surfaces such as drywall and masonry, for instance. That being said, why are there so many different kinds of fasteners?

Why You Need to Use Chipboard Screws With Particle Board

There are very many different shapes and styles of fasteners available on the market these days. With regards to screws alone, there is a type of screw for every different kind of material and application that you could possibly imagine. Moreover, each individual type of screw is typically available in a range of sizes from short to long and narrow to thick.

Some Things You Might Not Know About Screws

One of the things that most DIY oriented people use a lot is screws. For those of you who do not do DIY very often, there are a few things that you might not know about screws that could put a real damper on things if you get the wrong screws for the job. Thickness If you take a look at screws in your local hardware store you will see that they have different diameters.

DIY Woodworking: Building A Desk

A desk is a highly functional piece of furniture that can also add to the decor of a room. Many homeowners are using a single room in their home as an office only. Regardless of why you would like a new desk, you may be interested in building one yourself to save money or to put your woodworking skills to use. Such a project can provide great enjoyment and fill a need.

DIY Chimney Cleaning: How to Have A Soot-Free Chimney Inexpensively

Cleaning your chimney regularly is the best way to prevent chimney-related problems. There are two major ways to clean your chimney; the bottom-up and the top-down method. You need a chimney brush and a strong flashlight to clean your chimney.

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