How to Install a New Door in an Old Space

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Things are always changing. Learn the secrets to installing a new door in an old space and save time and money by saving the trim!

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Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things – Aluminium Foil

EXTRAORDINARY USES FOR ORDINARY THINGS – Learn how to use what’s in your cupboard for every day uses – ALUMINIUM FOIL IN THE KITCHEN Bake a perfect piecrust: To keep the edges of your homemade pies from burning, all you have to do is cover them with strips of aluminum foil. The foil prevents the edges from getting overdone while the rest of your pie gets perfectly browned. Create special-shaped cake tins: You can make a teddy bear birthday cake, a Valentine’s Day heart cake, a Christmas tree cake…

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When moving, many times people will choose to do their own moving but if they are moving to another state or just do not want to mess with the hassle of doing it themselves they will hire a professional moving service. When using a moving service you want to make sure that they are going to treat your stuff with care and that you are not going to find scuffed and broken furniture, damaged boxes, and have broken items, etc. When you hire moving companies to move your household stuff they are the ones that are responsible for its safety and security from the time they load it into the truck to the time they unload it.

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To protect your valuables and feel safe in your house the door must latch properly into the door jamb. The unfortunate thing is that some doors fail to latch properly. The cool thing is that you can easily correct the problem. How to Fix a Door Latch That Won’t Latch Properly You should inspect the screws on the door hinges and ensure that they are tight. If there are any screws that are loose you should tighten them using a screwdriver. Loose screws usually cause the door to fall forward which misaligns the latch with the strike plate.

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