How to Make an End Grain Cutting Board w/ 💎 Design | Woodworking

I’ll show you how to make 💎 (diamond) end grain cutting board designs that are unique and use the grain of the wood to make a statement. These are butcher block style and even though they look extra fancy they can be DIY projects for those with a workshop that has a table saw and a router.
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JET Router Table –
JET 8” Jointer –
JET 2hp Dust Collector –
JET Parallel Clamps –
Diablo Sandnet Discs –
Diablo Thin Kerf Blade –
Kreg Track Saw & 62” Rail –
Kreg ACS table –
Cutting board oil –
Cutting board oil with beeswax –
Bowl router bit –
Featherboard –
ISOtunes Bluetooth Earbuds –

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