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It’s official! Our most asked question, like EVER, has got to be:

“Which white paint colour shall I choose?”

Great question! But, to be honest, there’s no set-in-stone answer. Call me horrifically biased, but Dulux White on White for interiors and Dulux Snowy Mountains Quarter for exteriors, like we used at my place, are two of my faves.

The most important part of choosing a white for your home is to compare a few samples… in your home! Different rooms and different lighting can make paint colours look vastly different, so it’s always good to try them out before you go painting a whole room.

In proud partnership with Dulux.

Finding the Right Company for Your Fire Damage Restoration

There are a number of things to look for when hiring a fire damage restoration company. Be sure to look for a company that employs a licensed contractor, that has a good reputation in your community, and that is bonded and insured.

If I Had a Hammer

Next time you look at a hammer, just think, it is the tool that first differentiated between humans and animals. Hammers were the very first tools humans shaped and used, and not even the most intelligent species of ape has managed to achieve that. Even in today’s world, if you need to provide a sharp impact from your arm to an object, then there is no better tool than a hammer.

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Erosion can signal disaster for many an outdoor construction project. The solution is to use the proper erosion control products to prevent serious damage.

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