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With Christmas just around the corner, we asked Bonnie to show us how she sets a table for a special occasion. She makes it looks so simple, but so beautiful! 

I’m not known for my culinary skills, but I’m sure that even I can pull of this setting for my family this Christmas! *watches video on repeat*

Getting Good Table Woodworking Plans

A good project will help you decide on what you want your finished table to look like. Such a plan will help you make decisions about the height, length and type of wood you will use. A good plan will also help you decide whether you want a stand table or one that has storage like a drawer or bottom rack.

Knowing More About Woodworking Plans

For everyone who would like to attempt a woodworking project it would be greatly advised they will be careful with the woodworking plans they will choose. They are vital to the success of anyone’s projects and that is why people have to choose them carefully. Whether someone would like to build a large boat or maybe craft some small toys for their children, they will certainly appreciate a plan that suites their needs and it’s easy to follow. Below there are a few tips to choosing the right plans.

Choosing the Right Woodworking Plans

If you are a DIY woodworker and have a passion for making things from lumber, how do you know what plans to obtain? With various skill levels of woodworking you need plans that fit you individually and fit your existing inventory of tools and accessories. This article will help narrow down the field of choices and match the right plans for the right woodworker.

Eight Key Tips To Building A Chicken Coop

One of the reasons building a chicken coop can become unnecessarily complicated doing it haphazardly. It is therefore highly important to carry out the building process in a way that ensures that no essential aspect is left out. To help make it easier for you, we have presented in this article what we believe are the most important components that must be incorporated in every coop building project. These can also serve as a useful checklist.

Find Garden or Storage Shed Building Plans Online! Four Search Tips to Consider

Building my own garden shed from plans downloaded from the internet gave me the inspiration to write this article. This report will help you make the right choices when buying your plans.

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