How We Styled Our Formal Lounge | Colour Me Hamptons Renovation | House 11

When I’m choosing furniture for a lounge room, I always start with the sofa. It sets the tone for the style of the room and everything else in the room needs to work with it.

If you’re looking to furnish your formal lounge with a Hamptons vibe, I’ve got some top tips I’d love to show you…

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Some of the Biggest Benefits of Using Instant Shelters

Instant shelters are any shelters that you can erect on the spot without having to have a lot of construction work done and without having to use a lot of raw materials. This is an incredibly efficient and quick way to build shelters which include portable garages, car shelters, wedding tents and all kinds of other temporary shelters. But what precisely are the benefits of using these kinds of shelters?

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DIY Toilet Installation

Do you think its a good idea to have your toilet in the bathroom? What should it be like? Or are you pretty relaxed about such matters? You will be surprised to discover that people’s ideas are varied and some are quite… , shall we say way back in the dark ages. And truthfully, this is a facility that come from the dark ages.

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