How We Styled Our Living Room | Hinterland Hideaway New Build | House 10

When it comes to the way Sophie and Bonnie like to live in their homes, they are kindred spirits. They both love beautiful interiors and we want them to be used and enjoyed by friends and family, the more the merrier.

Check out how we styled the living room in House 10, all from Freedom!


In proud partnership with Freedom.

13 Easy Do It Yourself Tips To Spruce Up Your Home!

Home improvement is for everyone! Anyone can improve their home. Anything from a new coat of paint to a whole new kitchen can make your home a more pleasant place to live.

Three Steps to Choose the Right Plans for the Dresser You Need

Choose dresser plans that offer very detailed step-by-step instructions. You will also want for the final product to match what its usage will be, and use on the dresser plan that will best match you ability. Creating family storage pieces will beautify your home and save you money from buying overly priced furniture.

5 Top Tips For A Stress Free House Move

1 – Get rid of all your clutter: Start getting ready as soon as you find out you’re definitely moving. Pack as many things as you can live without before you move (i.e. if you’re moving in summer, pack most of your winter clothes). Being organised sure beats hastily throwing things into boxes at the end. Go through your stuff and put aside stuff to be thrown out or sold as this will leave you with fewer things to move. Sell items on eBay, Gumtree or have a garage sale, it’s so much better than packing a whole lot of junk you don’t need and also brings in some much-needed money at an expensive time.

Overcoming Vinyl Siding Installation Problems

Preparing for vinyl siding installation problems before they occur. This information will help beginners find out who to contact for questions and how to avoid delays.

How to Fix a Hole in a Gyprock Wall

Repairing a simple hole in a plasterboard wall is achievable for the amateur. It may take a bit of time but it is not too difficult for the average handyman to do himself.

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