Kitchen + Laundry + Powder Room | Episode 2 | Australian Staycation New Build | House 13

This week we’re stepping into the hub of the home, the kitchen and this one’s a goody! We’ve created an island bench like no other we’ve done before… stone for days and added some hidden features for a seamless finish….. peek-a-boo.

If you love a good laundry room, get ready for some eye candy. We went for function as well as beauty, with double washers and dryers to make washing a breeze.

And then there’s the powder room and boy is she a pretty one.

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Waterproofing Basement Walls – Things You Need to Know

Not a lot of people are aware of the idea that they should be concerned about their basement, particularly if it is not yet waterproofed. Reading through this article means that you have already come to your senses and realized that you should start thinking about waterproofing your basement walls. As you continue considering basement waterproofing, you should of course learn the necessary and basic ideas that make up basement walls waterproofing.

How to Install Underground Electric Motors for Swing Gates

Installing an underground electric gate motor can be a very difficult job. This guide will show you how to install an underground gate motor kit to a pair of gates.Before you start digging holes I suggest that you check that the posts or pillars are strong enough to take the weight of the proposed gates.

Basement Design Plans

When undertaking a basement renovation it is best to look at several basement design plans. Many hardware stores have a hand full of different design drawings. A larger number of basement design plans are available in the internet. Some home design magazines also offer design drawings. Do it yourself books that can be found in book stores and libraries often include design plans.

Builders Hardware, Homes, and Abe Lincoln

Ever since I was a little boy I wanted to build my own home. I wanted custom ceiling fans and toilet parts and double-sized closets. I had images of Abe Lincoln being born in a log cabin that his parents had built just weeks before the coming winter.

Giving Your Child a Toy Made by You Can Simply Double Your Satisfaction

Wood is the best material you can choose for toys and it has an elegant look that can’t be found in plastic or metal toys. Another important fact is that many new generation toys contain toxic materials and paints which can be dangerous to babies who tend to put everything into their mouths.

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