Kitchen + Laundry Reveal, Episode 4 | Contemporary Cottage Renovation | House 12

Shut the door, it’s Episode 4… already! Is it just us or is this series flying by?!

It’s no secret that kitchen week is always a fave and this transformation is one not to miss! The layout of the previous kitchen meant that Sarah and Cath were forever tangoing around each other to prepare dinner each evening, while the laundry boasted prime position, opening onto the outdoor entertaining space, with a view of the bar. That had to change!

So, the Bonnie and Ronnie dream team combined creative juices to put the laundry back in its box and made some sweet kitchen magic to give this room the love it deserves, in heart of the home.

BUT WAIT… as if an 8-week reno wasn’t hectic enough… Lana goes and drops a bombshell!

We know y’all go crazy for kitchen week so make some noise… the big reveal is coming in HOT!


Build Your Own Outdoor Shed Using Outdoor Shed Plans

Why do homeowners need to have outdoor storage sheds? One of the most common reasons is that most garages often become cluttered with garden and power tools. A typical two car garage cannot accommodate much more than the two cars. Other items such as bikes and other sports equipment as well as seldom used household furniture are also commonly tossed into the garage. The perfect solution to this problem can be outdoor sheds for storing all the gardening tools and equipment.

The Moisture Meter – An Essential Arrow To Have In Your DIY Quiver

The moisture meter proves itself to be an excellent and extremely useful tool in any avid DIY enthusiast’s tool box. The reason for this is that moisture happens to be all around us in the air and present in many different materials. Being in a position to be able to gauge moisture levels in any given substance can pay great dividends in the long run in many a different DIY project.

Vinyl Sidings – The Most Feasible Option for Home Improvement

Vinyl siding is supposed to be the best idea for home improvement from outside. It gives immense value to the home as well as accentuates its beauty. In fact, it is the qualitative option for home remodeling, which can visibly improve the external appearance and makes it more versatile in nature.

DIY Lead Poisoning

DIY projects can give an individual a deep satisfaction of accomplishment. It also could possibly create lead poisoning of yourself and family. By taking some simple steps, you can avoid the permanent damage of lead poisoning from happening to you and your family.

Fischer Intumescent Internal Putty Pads

The Fischer Intumescent Putty Pads are now supplying a completely different approach to the fire protection by closing areas where fire can get through and spread to cause a major conflagration instead of a small blaze. It is probably more accurate to call it a fire reduction or restriction product but whatever it is called it has the potential to reduce the problems significantly. A fire which has developed in a modern building will generally be small unless it has the ability to track through holes or channels across a building.

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