Lana’s Forever Home, Sneak Peek to our next TBTV series!

We are super-thrilled that have come on-board again for this series of Three Birds TV.  I thought we may have scared them off with the last house considering we had more blooper content than anything else but it turns out they loved it too and are back for more #yay. 

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Perfect Pilot Holes – Drill to Match Wood Screw Size

Most of us know that drilling a pilot hole first is the best way to make sure wood screws go where we want them to go. As a general rule, the size of the pilot hole should be the same diameter as the root of the screw. The most common mistake people make in drilling pilot holes is to make the hole too small, believing that the more snug the wood screw, the stronger the joint. Not so, necessarily.

What Are the Benefits and Advantages of Soundproofing?

In an ideal world we would all live in peace and quiet. There’d be no noises to distract or irritate us, and we’d be allowed to work, rest and play in tranquillity. Unfortunately, the world isn’t like that. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home, at work, at the shops, or in the car, we’re constantly assaulted by noise.

How to Properly Maintain a Swimming Pool

It’s finally warm out and you’re ready to open the pool for the season. The first thing to do (before even touching the pool itself) would be to ready to pool deck area. Clean up any debris from the surrounding pool deck area- anything that will potentially produce debris in your pool.

How To Create Your Own Couch Cushions: A Surprisingly Simple and Satisfying DIY Project

Do-it-yourself projects have been steadily growing in popularity as people realize the amount of money they can save and experience the satisfaction of improving their homes. One project people may not consider to be a DIY option is cushion replacement for couches and sofas. However, with a little guidance and preparation, practically anybody can make an old, worn-out couch feel brand-new again! This article will explain the steps to creating new couch cushions and show that with a little elbow grease, it’s a project that’s quite rewarding, both personally and monetarily.

Summer DIY Projects

The beach isn’t always an enticing prospect thanks to this cool wet summer. So why not use the time to get on with a few useful projects that take full advantage of the rain? And then you’ll be ready to relax when the sun finally does come out!

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