Laser Engraving Wood Coasters – CNC Laser Woodworking Project

Using a Full Spectrum Laser Hobby 20×12 to make a set of Wooden Coasters and Coaster Holder out of 1/4″ plywood.

Blog Post with detailed plans:

Project sponsored by Rockler

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Step-By-Step Instructions Of Glass

A homeowner can get a lot for his money or a little when he buys glass for windows, doors or partitions. But if he knows which glass will do what, and how to buy it, he won’t pay double or triple prices for plate glass when he could have used heavy sheet glass, nor will he waste money by ordering glass by the sheet when he could have used a case.

How To Survive an Earthquake

And the noise! The noise of furniture banging against the walls… plates, glasses and pots dinging in the kitchen… windows vibrating… and the voice of your frightened children crying for help. I got a cold shiver down my back just by writing this!

Be Able to Repair or Make Your Own Cushions by Knowing How To Glue Foam

Knowing how to properly glue foam can help you repair damaged cushions and foam mattresses, replace old or worn foam affordably, or even make your own custom cushions and comfort products. This article will explain the type of adhesive used for gluing foam, the importance of selecting the right adhesive for your application, and techniques for bonding both large and small pieces of foam.

Understanding Foam Quality Can Help You Save Money and Meet Your Expectations

If you ever considered buying a foam mattress, pillow, or replacement couch cushion, but were concerned that the foam the product was made of may not have been the high-performing material it claimed to be, know that you aren’t alone. After all, most brand-new foam looks and feels very similar. Fortunately, with a little knowledge, identifying the quality of foam is easily done, and in this article you’ll learn how it is assessed, interpreted, and the best uses for the most common grades. With this information, you won’t spend extra money on a product that’s overkill for your needs or overpay for a product with claims that don’t match the facts.

How to Dig Out a Fence Post and Concrete Footing Using Hand Tools

When a fence post needs to be repaired there is frequently no other choice than to remove the current post and concrete in order to install the replacement. A few simple steps to create a plan and then execute can make the difference between an hours work and an entire afternoon of struggle.

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