Lounge + Dining Reveal, Episode 2 | Contemporary Cottage Renovation | House 12

Hey guys, Lana’s called it early… this lounge room is her favourite room of the whole house!

Are you ready for your first peek inside our #contemporarycottage?

Get ready for inspiration overload, we’ve got a jam-packed episode lined up for you! 

+ Bye-bye load-bearing wall, we’re opening up this baby to reveal her maximum potential. Goodbye hallway, hello heaven, thanks Lana!

+ Bonnie’s got a colour conundrum on her hands. What will she choose? 🤷🏻‍♀️

+ Curves are back, baby! And as this little cottage already had some baby curves of her own, we gave her a big Mumma curve for a big WOW feature.

+ And of course we’ve included all of our faves – bench seats for days, Woodcut flooring to die for, dreamy Luxaflex shades and a sofa so comfortable you’ll never want to leave.

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