Master Suite + Ensuite Reveal, Episode 3 | Contemporary Cottage Renovation | House 12

We’re super pumped it’s that time of the week again when we get to share more of our #contemporarycottage with you! Are you ready to step into the boudoir?

We wanted to spoil these lovely mums with a super-spesh parents’ retreat of their very own and while an ensuite is a bit of a luxury in the house of this size we were determined to make it work for them.

Rejigging this corner of the house was a bit like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube – just keep on moving until you get all the parts in the right places. But we’re thrilled with how we solved the puzzle.

If you loved the arch in the lounge room last week, get excited because this ensuite has more curves than Kim, Khloe and Beyonce combined! And there’s so much tile goodness coming your way this week too… wait till you see the grout colour. You might never choose misty grey grout again!

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If you have got a bathroom or kitchen home improvement project in the pipeline, you might want to improve your tiling skills with a course. There are plenty of training providers across the country that offer short weekend learning programmes for those people that are keen to gain some basic DIY tiling skills that will enable them to perform simple tasks. Taking a weekend course is ideal for those people who are unavailable to train during the week because of commitments such as jobs or other further education learning like university or college.

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