Modern End Table / Side Table | DIY Woodworking Projects

How to make a modern DIY end table / side table. It’s one of these woodworking projects with great skill building techniques like dowel joinery and continuous miter joints.


Thank you to JET Woodworking for sponsoring this video! Check out the new 18-36 drum sander –

Tools/Supplies Used (affiliate):

JET 18-36 drum sander –
JET JJ-8CS 8” jointer –
JET Parallel Clamps –
JET 2hp Dust Collector –
Miter saw station –
Flip top tool stand –
Self centering dowel jig –
Dowel points –
Card Scraper –
Flush cut saw –
Strap clamp –
Trim router –
18ga brad nailer –
Glue bottle –
Random Orbital Sander –
Respirator –
Oil Based Polyurethane –
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