Process of a Master Woodworker: In the Shop with Alf Sharp Part 2

This is the 2nd in a series on Alf Sharp a Master Woodworker and Craftsman. Alf shares his thoughts on the process of fine woodworking, hand tools vs. power tools, and his advice for beginner woodworkers.

1st Video: Journey of a Master Craftsman

Alf has been building woodworking projects in his wood shop for the last 30 years and has concentrated on museum-quality, one-of-a-kind furniture, primarily in the 18th century American style. He is a master of high and low relief carving, inlay, marquetry, and French polishing. If you want to see more of Alf’s work you can find it here:

Produced, filmed and edited by Brad Rodriguez

In partnership with Powermatic.

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A Guide for Shutting Off Utilities

Among the many household projects any one of us may choose to tackle at any given time is the ever present fact that at some point or another we’re going to need to know how to shut off or turn back on our utilities. It could be a project or an emergency but the likelihood that we’ll need to know how to do it is pretty high, so it’s good to be prepared.

Steps To Take For Stain Protection On Your Carpet

Stain protection after carpet and rug cleaning, is necessary in order to completely restore the original protective coating on the carpet fibers. This coating is usually applied by the manufactures to provide soil and stain resistance, and water repellant properties to the fabric. Such a coating however, is not permanent and will deteriorate with time, wear, and chemical reactions.

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Today kitchen remodeling is the most often considered type of remodeling. A modern kitchen with new cabinets can add much to the older home to say nothing of substantially improving the value of the home. Painting your cabinets can be a budget friendly alternative to a complete remodel.

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Finding some large shed plans can help you save time, money and effort. Visualize yourself out in your garden, facing the spot where you want to build your shed. This will give you a clear picture of how the storage shed should look. You will probably get many ideas about the color, shape and design for you shed.

Gambrel Shed Plans – Build The Shed That You Always Wanted

There are several points you must consider when choosing gambrel shed plans in order to boost your productivity. Normally, a DIY project means different things to different individuals. It could be a good opportunity to improve your skills in carpentry, personalize your garden and have a good time with your family.

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