Season Preview | Three Birds Dream Home | House 14

5 years ago we had the idea (some would say a craaazy idea) to one day create a Three Birds home that people could buy and build on their block of land. Today, this idea becomes a reality. #pinchmemoment

We’ve teamed up with legend-builders, Rawson Homes, to create an exclusive Knock Down Rebuild package so that YOU can build a Three Birds Dream Home on YOUR block. It has been meticulously designed by us, bringing together all the best design features from our most loved homes. This home truly is the ‘best of the Birds’.

Every fixture and fitting has been hand-selected by us. No detail has been spared: from skirting boards to wall sconces, tapware to tiles … all the design choices have been made for you to deliver the signature coastal-cool style we know you love.

Follow the journey as we design the Three Birds Dream Home …. who knows, it might be yours too!

Block out the next 5 Monday evenings to watch us bring this baby to life.


Make Charcoal for Your Grill

Make your own charcoal and experience the satisfaction of practical use of something you made as well as saving some cash. Having grown up on a small farm, the ability to improvise was essential to accomplishing many of the daily tasks. One such task was making charcoal.

Ideas for Wood Projects – How to Pick Affordable, Yet Professional Plans for Building Furniture?

Almost all ideas for wood projects include furniture at its core. When you think of wood, one of the first images that will crop up in your mind must be a piece of furniture. Look around you and you’ll see that wood is everywhere. If not entirely – most furniture use wood for its framing. Your bed, your leather sofa, your dining table and chairs are all made of wood.

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The History Of The Cable Tie

In 1958 the humble but effective cable tie fastener was born, initially known as Ty-rap (There are still called by variants of this name today), they were invented by Thomas & Betts, who used them for tying together cables inside aeroplanes. The first ones were made of metal, but a switch to producing them in nylon happened shortly thereafter, thus they could be made far more cheaply and hence they came in to widespread use. You can still buy steel ones today, having been re-introduced for situations that need a fire resistant fastener.

Lindapter Fixing Supports

Fixing equipment to steel beams can be a problem but the Lindapter system of clamps provide a wide range of clamping systems that meet all occasions. The advantage of a system like this is that the equipment can be fixed into a position that is either temporary or permanent and it can still be changed at a moment’s notice. For fixing a set of lights into position, the fixings are ideal as they can be fitted easily without any welding or drilling and bolting; this saves a tremendous amount of time in fitting the lights.

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