The Beach Shack Styling Hacks | Loungeroom Makeover

Have we ever told you about Bon’s Beach Shack? It’s a little slice of heaven in Pearl Beach which has been in the Three Birds family for a few years. Now, this baby didn’t always look so pretty…. in fact it used to be a little bit #oldschool #brownandbeige #notpretty!

Avoid Basement Flooding Disasters With A Backup Sump Pump

A backup sump pump is a relatively easy DIY solution that can save the homeowner money and frustration in the wake of a power outage. Choose from a battery backup sump pump, or an electricity-free water-driven backup pump, and keep your basement dry when the power goes out.

Man Cave Garage

The garage is the man’s domain. The garage makes a great place to create a Man Cave. Yes the garage Man Cave is not in the basement, but you can still call it a cave.

Curing A Leak From A Spindle Or Spout

Generally when there is a leak from a spindle or spout, it is generally as a result of a faulty gland or O-ring seal. The leak will normally be located at the spindle, the base of the swivel spout or the diversion know on a shower mixer tap.

Heating Options In Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are not the easiest rooms in your house to heat. Follow the advice in this article to choose the solution that is right for your room. Do not make this decision in haste, as you do not want to spend money putting things right if you encounter any issues.

Stand Alone Water Heaters

Water heaters are used in many places around the country and they are numerous and various in their design and fuel used. Water heaters have had an extremely bad press as there have been many accidents over the years which have been caused by the units putting dangerous gases into the atmosphere and poisoning the occupants. These units have been gas units and there are all sorts of reasons, some have not been put in correctly with adequate flue systems and some have gone wrong in usage when the fumes have not been adequately extracted either from a fault with…

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