The Ultimate Pex Shower Installation Video | A to Z

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Building Your Own Shower has Never Been Easier. Follow me along the installation of a 3 way shower from pex to the finishing trims.

The process of installing your own plumbing has become a DIY project with the invention of pex plumbing. Finally the Homeowner can install a shower with a rain shower function in addition to a hand held wand that sits on an adjustable bar to maximize their shower experience. With a 3 way shower you will increase the value of your house and the quality of your life and you can do it yourself.The installation of pex directly to the shower and the multiple functions in the shower is as easy as squeezing a set of crimps. Although the shower valves themselves are not readily available in the big box stores anyone can go to their local fergusons or wolseley or other plumbing supplier in their town and the staff will help you to select a product that is pex ready and will perform for you. In this video I demonstrate the installation of a 3 way valve but you can also get them in a basic 2 function as well. the secret to pex plumbing is to purchase a valve that has a positive stop in the turning of the handle to maximize performance. I have found that the riobel line is very good for this and has a lot of variety in the fixtures and design style to choose from.

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