Three Birds Renovations x Sony | Games Room – Choosing A Dolby ATMOS Sound Bar

Made in partnership with our mates at Sony.

You could say we’re sometimes guilty of neglecting much of the whizz-bang, fancy AV stuff in our renos. Our budget is usually bulging with all the practical things #builders #materials #appliances and the pretty stuff #sofas #cushions #candles, so the entertainment and tech side of things often gets left as a bit of an after-thought #technofail.

Bonnie and her family love to entertain, but blaring tunes from their old TV wasn’t really cutting the mustard for house parties. So Bon was thrilled when the kind folks from Sony Australia rocked up at her place with two brand-new Dolby Atmos® sound bars, the HT-X9000F and HT-Z9RF, to road test.

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